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Hue University of Sciences - Faculty of History
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Faculty of History
Dean: Nguyen Van Dang, A/Prof.

Vice-Dean: Duong Quang Hiep, MA

Tel: (054) 3823833

On 1 March 1957, the Republic of Vietnam in Saigon issued the Ordinance No.45-GD on establishing an institute of university and some dependent universities in Hue, named the Institute of Hue University under the management of a Director with the assistance of a Secretary General. On the same day, the Decree No. 95-GD/ND on the initial general organization of the Institute of Hue University was also promulgated.

According to the Decree No.95-GD/ND dated 1 March 1957 by the Presidential Republic of Vietnam on the initial general organization of the Institute of Hue University, the Faculty of Letters was founded. In the first academic year 1957 - 1958, the Faculty of Letters recruited the pre-class, the Department of History under the Faculty of Letters was open.

On 21 February 1959 the Saigon Government issued the Decree No. 61-GD on establishing 4 Faculties under the Institute of Hue University including the Faculty of Letters, the specialty of History belonged to the Department of History - Geography.

At the establishment, Morin hotel was located in No.2 Duy Tan Street (presently Saigon Morin Hotel located at the crossroads of Hung Vuong street and Le Loi street), which was the selected location for 3 faculties: Faculty of Science, Faculty of Letters and Faculty of Teacher’s Training. In 1964, the Faculty of Teacher’s Training was moved to 32-34 Le Loi, and the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Letters were still located in Morin area. The Department of History had been associated with Morin Hotel for decades.

After the reunification, on 23 April 1975, Thua Thien Hue Revolutionary People's Committee issued the Decree on establishing the management Board of the Institute of Hue University. The management Boards of the Faculties under the Institute of Hue University were also established for the stability.

On 27 October 1976, the Prime Minister of the Republic Socialist Republic of Vietnam issued the Decree No. 426/CP on establishing the University of Hue on the basic of merging the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Letters under the Institute of Hue University. April 1977, Faculty of History – Literature was founded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Vocational School. In October 1980, the Faculty of History was separated from the Faculty of History – Literature, together with Hue University of Sciences to train human resources and promote scientific research for the sake of socio-economic development for the regions in the Central Vietnam - Highlands.

Presently, the Faculty of History has a strong number of staff in quantity and quality. Among 33 staff, there are 5 associate professors, 8 Ph.D holders, 18 MA holders.


The Faculty consists of the Party Committee, the Management Board, the Board of Union, the Board of Youth’s Union, the Division of Veteran Affairs, and 8 specialties in Vietnam’s History, World’s History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Culture and Tourism, General History, Oriental Studies, and Social Work.

The Faculty of History is organized into 5 Departments as follows:

  • Vietnam’s History
  • World’s History
  • Anthropology - Archaeology - Culture and Tourism
  • Oriental Studies
  • Social Work


The Faculty of History has been offering 35 regular Batches, 19 in-service Batches inside and outside the university, 19 Master’s Batches, and 5 Doctor’s Batches.

The Faculty annually receives 250 students in regular form, 100 students in connected system, 120 students in part-time form from Da Nang, Hue and Quang Binh.

The Faculty has trained hundreds of graduate students majored in Vietnam’s History, World’s History and Ethnology; nearly 20 PhD students majored in Vietnam’s History and World’s History and they are in the process of completing the graduation thesis.

The Faculty has some facilities for the sake of teaching and research such as study room, reading room, material room, a museum of Ethnology - Archeology, and other technical equipment.

The training quality of the Faculty is appreciated by the society. There is no wonder that thousands of students graduated from the Faculty have worked in many different fields in culture, society, politics, economics in the nation, particularly in the Central Vietnam - Highlands. Among them, many students have kept the key positions in the provincial institutions, the province’s People’s Committee, Women’s Union, TV Station, the Department of Culture - Sports - Tourism, Museum, Publishing House, Institutes and Research centers of provinces and central cities (Ha Noi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, Hai Phong).

Research activities

Up to now, the Faculty’s staff have been conducting many projects at different levels: 1 state level project, 2 main ministerial level projects, 35 ministerial level projects, 23 provincial level projects (as of 1990 to present); dozen of university level projects. The main research focuses on 5 specialties of the Faculty. The areas which are taken into consideration to do the research are the Central Vietnam - Highlands and other areas in the world. Some specific projects are “Economics and Society of Vietnam under Nguyen Dynasty”, “The relationship among the ASEAN countries in history”, “The ethnic minorities in Truong Son - Highlands”, “The rules of ethnic people of Taoi, Cotu, Bru-VanKieu in Quang Tri and Thua Thien Hue”, “Archeological map in Binh Tri Thien”

In addition, the Faculty’s staff have many textbooks, research projects and thousands of articles published in the local and national journals; for instance, the journals of Historical study, Ethnology, Archeology, Folk culture, study on Japan and Northeast Asia, Study on ASEAN, Study on North America, Study on Development, Study on Hue city in the past and at present, etc.

The projects aim at coping with the problems which are pressing and necessary and bear the permanent strategy. Therefore, these projects are always received the interest by the society.

International affairs

The Faculty of History always pays attention to international affairs. The Faculty initially has the cooperation with the institutions in the Central Vietnam - Highlands; universities, institutes and research centers inside and outside Thua Thien Hue province. The collaboration concentrates on plenty of fields such as fundamental research, trainings, workshops, seminars, publication, etc.

In addition, the Faculty has broadened the collaboration with many partners and scope of research for years. The Faculty has successfully implemented projects in cooperation with several research institutions, such as "Vietnam Culinary Arts (with University of Toulouse, France), "Training young staff in Ethnology - Archeology-Sociology” (with Ford organization and University of Toronto, Canada), "The traditional handicrafts in Central Vietnam", "Cultural Village in Quang Ngai," "Chut people in Vietnam" (sponsored by Toyota funds), "Social work in the Central Vietnam" (sponsored by Rosa Luxemburg, Germany). The Faculty has coordinated with Kansai University in Japan to do the research on “Interactive Study on the culture between Vietnam and East Asia” and do the reconnaissance survey and excavate the archeological site in Hoa Chau wall located in Quang Dien District for 3 years (2009-2011); student and staff exchange with the School of Science and Humanity under Inha University from 2008 to present; teaching and research exchange with the School of Social Work under San Jose State University, America, giving lectures to American students at the Faculty from 2011.

Certificates of Merit

  • Certificate of Merit No. 5571/GD-ĐT by the Minister of the Ministry of Training and Education on 25 years of building and development.
  • Certificate of Merit No. 225/QDKT by Vietnam Union of the Educational Department
  • Certificate of Merit by many Departments, Committees and People’s Committees of the provinces in Central Vietnam - Highlands


  • To complete well the teaching and learning with high quality. In the coming years, the Faculty will improve the training programs and expand the enrollment for Doctoral Degree program in Anthropology, continue renovating and upgrading of facilities and equipment for teaching.
  • To continue promoting research activities for staff and students, to pay special attention to key issues on history, culture, economics, society of the central provinces - Highlands as well as a number of issues related to the nation and foreign countries, regions such as religion, superstition, international relations, environment. Actively seek for new projects, new funding sources and actively organize or participate in workshops, conferences, seminars at all levels.
  • To strengthen the cooperation with other institutions, universities, institutes, research centers inside and outside Thua Thien Hue province in the direction of diversifying the type, the field of cooperation and multilateral partner relationships. Specifically, the Faculty will take the interest in giving the consultancy and advice to the authorities, companies in science, culture, art, tourism, etc in Hue and Central Vietnam - Highlands in terms of building the plans and managing projects, restoration, protection and exploitation of cultural heritages of the nation and the world.
  • To enhance the international collaboration in width and in depth, specifically to pay higher attention to partners in East Asia such as Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Laos ... To enhance the cooperation in the field of training, staff’s capacity and projects for community development ...

 The ministerial level projects

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