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Faculty of Biology
Dean: Pham Thi Ngoc Lan, Ph.D

Vice-Dean: Nguyen Minh Tri, Ph.D

Tel: (054) 3822934

Along with the establishment of Hue University by the Decree 426/TTg dated 27 October 1976 of the Prime Minister, the Faculty of Chemistry-Biology-Geography was established. At the time, the Department of Biology, which belonged to the Faculty of Chemistry-Biology-Geography, was permitted to run two transition courses of Productive Agriculture and Applied Biochemistry. Since 1977, the Department of Biology has offered both full-time as well as in-service undergraduate courses.

In 1980, due to an increase in the training demand as well as the specific needs of each department, the Faculty of Chemistry-Biology-Geography was dissolved into the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Geography-Geology; thus the Faculty of Biology was founded. In the beginning, the Faculty of Biology included two sections, Botany-Plant Physiology-Biochemistry-Microbiology and Zoology-Genetics-Animal Physiology.

In November 1988, for the development of the Faculty of Biology as well as the needs for major training, the Rector of Hue University decided to re-arrange the organization structure of the Faculty of Biology by dissolving two previous sections and establishing four following sections:

1. Genetics-Biochemistry- Microbiology-Biophysics
2. Botany
3. Cytology-Histo-Embryology-Human and Animal Physiology
4. Zoology – Ecology

However, in July 1991, to ensure the appropriate proportion of majors and faculties, the Rector of Hue University re-arranged the Faculty of Biology with 04 sections as follows:

1. Plant Physiology-Biochemistry-Microbiology
2. Botany
3. Animal Physiology-Cytology-Genetics
4. Zoology- Ecology

In April 1999, in order to meet the social demands as well as to be in accordance with regional and international integrations, Hue University of Sciences, to which the Faculty of Biology belongs, approved to set up two more sections by transferring the faculties and staff from former sections of the Faculty of Biology, these were:

1. Resource- Environment, and
2. Biotechnology

Thereby, since the mid 1999, the Faculty of Biology has included 06 sections. These are also six sub-majors in Biology Bachelor course. Besides, in since the academic year of 2004-2005, based on the potential of science staff and the social demand, the Ministry of Education and Training and Hue University have permitted the Faculty of Biology to start a 5 year engineer undergraduate course in biotechnology. Therefore, from then on, the Faculty of Biology has concurrently offered two full-time undergraduate programs, Bachelor of Science major in Biology and Bachelor of Engineering major in Biotechnology.

Apart from Bachelor’s courses, the Faculty of Biology is one of the pioneer Faculties to implement the graduate courses. Since 1993, the Faculty of Biology has been permitted to train five Master’s courses, including Biochemistry-Plant Physiology, Cytology-Animal Physiology (from 1st training course), Zoology, Botany (from 4th training course) and Ecology (from 7th training course). In 2005, two Master’s courses, Biochemistry-Plant Physiology and Cytology-Animal Physiology, were merged into Experimental Biology. Moreover, the Faculty of Biology has been offering two more graduate courses in Environmental Management since 1998 and in Biotechnology since 2010. In addition of training Master’s courses, since 1998, the Faculty of Biology has been permitted to open two Doctor’s courses in Human and Animal Physiology and Plant Physiology.

Up to now, the Faculty of Biology has been training 35 full-time Bachelor’s courses (including transition courses) and 12 in-service courses with the total of 1887 students and 18 graduate courses with the total of 315 master students and 12 doctoral students).

The Faculty of Biology has also taken part in offering full-time as well as on-the-job courses in regular and in service at the other members of Hue University viz. Hue College of Education, University of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Foreign Languages and University of Economics as well distant learning courses and in-service courses in areas across the whole country. Also, the Faculty of Biology has offered courses at Thua Thien Hue College of Education, Da Nang University of Education and Da Nang University of Technology.

Apart from the training activities, the Faculty of Biology has also focused on research activities- one of the Faculty’s strengths. Until now, the Faculty has finished 54 research projects at the university level, 37 projects at provincial level, 38 projects at ministerial level, 4 projects at senior ministerial level, 36 projects for basic research program, 6 branch projects at state level and 2 independent projects at state level. In addition, the Faculty of Biology also took part in many internationally cooperative projects, including 2 projects sponsored by ASEAN, 3 projects sponsored by France, 1 project sponsored by Canada and 1 project sponsored by Denmark.

In the last 10 years, thanks to the assistance of the lecturers and the enthusiastic learning of students, the scientific research activities of students at the Faculty of Biology has developed steadily. There were 72 projects carried out by our students and they have won various awards every year. Of these, there were 01 second prize, 01 third prize of VIFOTEC and 26 prizes of Student Scientific Research (including 02 first, 06 second, 10 third and 08 satisfactory prizes), 10 prizes of Sony Green Invention (05 second, 04 third prizes and 01 collaborative prize).

The Faculty of Biology always takes an interest in writing the theoretical and practical textbooks for teaching purposes. In addition, the methodology and learning techniques are improved in order to continuously enhance the quality of training. Up to now, the members of the Faculty have written 38 textbooks for undergraduate and graduate courses, and some electronic lessons.

Presently, the Faculty of Biology has 36 personel including 31 lecturers, 4 laboratory assistants and 1 general assistant. Among the lecturers, there are 06 Associate Professors, 10 Doctors and 12 Master holders (including 2 Ph.D students).

 The ministerial level projects

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