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Hue University of Sciences - Faculty of Architecture
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Faculty of Architecture
Tel: (054) 3833530



I. Organizational structure

Dean: Tran Dinh Hieu, Ph.D

Vice-Dean: Nguyen Ngoc Tung, Ph.D

There are 3 Departments as follows:

  • Department of Basis
  • Department of Architecture and Engineering
  • Department of Conservation and Planning

Number of staff: 23 staff (22 teaching staff and 1 assistant) including 5 Ph.D holders, 13 MA holders, 3 Architects, 1 Civil Engineer.

II. Establishment and development

  • Since June 1997, The University of Hue founded the Department of Architecture with the purpose of managing and supervising the students in the engineer joint-training program with Hanoi Architecture University. In addition, the Department of Architecture participated in the scientific research as well as the projects on planning with the provinces and the foreign partners; the Department also built the training programs to open the specialty in Architectural Construction.
  • In 2001, the Ministry of Education and Training approved Hue University of Sciences to offer the specialty in Architectural Construction under the management of the Department of Architecture with an annual enrolment of 60 students.
  • On 15 September 2006, Hue University officially issued the Decree to establish the Faculty of Architecture belonging to Hue University of Sciences.
  • Since 2010, the Faculty recruited 2 classes with 120 students. Presently, the Faculty is training 5 courses including 7 classes with about 420 students. By 2012, the Faculty will recruit 3 classes with 180 students.

III. Functions

1. Training
Architects in Architectural Construction have been trained. In the future, the specialty in Civil Engineering and Architectural Conservation will be offered.

2. Scientific research
- Apart from training, the Faculty of Architecture pays attention to science and technology in the field of architecture, contributing to the design of architectural projects, planning and conservation of architectural heritages in Central Vietnam and Western Highlands.
- Some trends in scientific research of the Faculty of Architecture
* Assessment and proposals of solutions for the Citadel in Hue
* Conservation for traditional houses in Hue
* Study on the solutions to restore the old architectural works
* Application of informatics in research and architectural design
* Urban planning and design of architectural views in Hue City

3. Human resources
The Faculty of Architecture has 23 staff members in the field of architecture, construction, fine arts and other basic fields. Some staff members have been trained from the joint-training programs and direct training program by Hanoi University of Architecture, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering and by other universities in Italy, Thailand, Japan and France.

4. Facilities
- Faculty’s Office
- 3 Departments’ Offices
- Cooperative Office with Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy
- Document office serving the research and study
- Design room
- Two professional rooms in design

IV. Results from international relations

The Faculty of Architecture has cooperated with international universities, institutes and organizations as follows:

- Region of Nord Pas De Calais – France
- Urban Community of Lille - France
- Lille University of Architecture – France
- Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Versailles
- Faculty of Architecture – University of Lund – Switzerland
- University of Showa – Japan
- University of Osaka – Japan
- University of Waseda - Japan
- University of Hanover - Germany
- Chiang Mai University - Thailand
- Khon Kaen University - Thailand
- Open Organization - Uref
- National University of Laos
- Polytechnic University of Marche – Italy
- Poitou-Charentes - France

The Faculty of Architecture has cooperated with Urban Community of Lille and the Architectural University of Lille to do the research survey as a model at 5 areas recognized as the heritages in Hue Citadel. Through the cooperative and exchange program, 5 staff members of the Faculty practised to improve their professional knowledge level at the Architectural University of Lille and 6 researchers of the Architectural University of Lille came to Hue for their research.

The Faculty has also coordinated with Heritage Institute of Waseda and University of Waseda to organize the international workshop on Design and Urban conservation in March 2003, on Conservation of Rural Environment and Urban History of Hue in August 2005 and the workshop on Conservation of historical environment and tomb sights in Hue and the adjacent sights in August 2008. In addition, the Faculty worked with the Polytechnic University of Marche to open the cooperative office between two universities and co-organized the workshop on the awareness and conservation of culture, architecture and environment for Hue Heritage in October 2006.

The Faculty co-organized the seminar on History of establishing Hue City and traditional residential houses at Architecture Faculty of National University of Laos in January 2008. In October 2010, the workshop on the Evaluation of tourism’s potentials to the water surface system of Imperial Hue was organized according to the cooperation with ChiangMai University.

 The ministerial level projects

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